Christians, are you looking for ways to get better at evangelism? Have you tried all of the popular methods? Most of them? Are you still at a loss?

I do not know exactly what it means to get better at evangelism. As Christians, we know that we do not save anyone. God the Father saves through the gospel of God the Son by the power of the God the Holy Spirit. We are mere instruments in God’s hands sharing the good news. As D.T. Niles put it:

Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he found bread.

Jesus said to go and tell the world his gospel (Matt. 28:19). So how do we tell another beggar about Jesus Christ, the bread of life? Should we invite unbelievers to church? You can but evangelism is not the primary reason Christians gather to worship. Should we share our own conversion story? You may. Should we give unbelievers a Bible, a book, a tract, or a website? You may. Should we feed them, clothe them, help them, or be a good neighbor? Of course!

You may do all of those things above, but none are the secret to evangelism. In fact, you can do all of those things above and still not evangelize anyone.

The secret to evangelism is simply this: Share the gospel.

We Christians can be as nice to people are humanly possible. We can love and sacrifice for others all we can. But if we never share the gospel, we are not doing evangelism. Of course, we should love our neighbors – our enemies, too – and the ultimate form of loving them is sharing the gospel.

Love your friends and enemies enough to tell them that God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, into the world to save sinners. Jesus lived a perfect life in perfect obedience to God giving himself as a sacrifice¬†for sinners like you and me. He died on a cross where he took God’s wrath against sin – the punishment for sin – for all who believe in him. He died, was buried, and rose from the dead three days later defeating death. Turn from your sins in repentance and believe in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection through faith alone. Believe and your sins will be forgiven, your guilt taken away, and you will have eternal life with God.

Share the gospel.

Sharing the gospel is simple but does not always feel easy. What keeps you from sharing the gospel?



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