Maddi Runkles’ story of sexual immorality which lead to her pregnancy electrified social media when the NY Times published an article on the situation: Pregnant at 18. Hailed by Abortion Foes. Punished by Christian SchoolDespite with whom you find fault in this whole ordeal, there is one important lesson parents should learn from Maddi’s pregnancy.

Maddi violated her Christian school’s code (and the Bible’s teaching) by having sex outside of marriage. She became pregnant and, then, briefly thought about abortion. Her next step was the right step and likely made all the difference: She confided in her parents.

She knew there would be consequences for her actions from her school. But just imagine if she did not have parents she could turn to for support. How much more attractive would abortion have been if she was not able to reach out to her parents? How many teens in Maddi’s situation get an abortion because they do not have parents who will be there for them?

The one important lessons parents should learn from Maddi Runkles’ pregnancy is: Make sure your child knows you are their for her if she gets pregnant.

Parents, let your child know you will be there for them if they become pregnant. If you will not be there for your own child, where will they turn? Who will they run to? Who will help them? Will you, as your child’s life giver, push them away so they take their own child’s life?

Instead, learn from Maddi’s situation. Use it to explain that you will not abandon them if they find themselves in a similar one. No matter what decisions are made, there will be consequences but assure them that you will stand with them all the way through.

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