Sunday school class had begun. After a few minutes of teacher/class interaction – it happened. The first conversation on abortion that truly opened my eyes.

We were talking about people being made in God’s image, parents, children, etc. Someone mentioned the “my body, my choice” argument, a common pro-choice, pro-abortion argument.

I pointed out that the baby has his or her own DNA. Therefore, the unborn baby is not part of the mother’s body. Furthermore, aborting a baby is a violation of the sixth commandment (Ex. 20:13, Matt. 5:21-22).

Objection: “The unborn baby can’t live without the mother.”

Sure, but neither can a newborn baby live without the mother (or someone to administer care).

Then it hit me. I felt like I had just found my lost car keys in my front pocket.

I shared with the class: For Christians, the my body, my choice argument becomes – not my body, not my choice. I explained from two perspectives: 1) God and 2) my wife.

First, as a Christian, my body does not belong to me but to Jesus (1 Cor. 6:15-20). I am his servant, his slave (Rom. 6:22). I don’t get to do things with my body that God’s word does not allow. I am not to contemplate sin nor to carry it out in my body. Whether I am tempted by lust, greed, anger – not my body, not my choice.

Second, as a Christian, my body also belongs to my wife (1 Cor. 7:4). We are one (Gen. 2:24). When lustful thoughts tempt me, I do not get to act them out, those desires are for her. If another woman hits on me, I do not get to take her up on the offer. In whatever love or desire I am tempted to giveaway that belongs to my wife – not my body, not my choice.

God’s body, God’s choice.



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