Dear Viola Davis, we celebrated life on Sunday a few hours before you gave your Oscar’s acceptance speech. In your speech, you claimed artists as having the “only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.” Let’s watch again.

Of course, your narcissistic comment left out a number of professions – doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors and so on. And even churches.

And even churches. Yes, churches. We Christians not only celebrate what it means to live a life but to give a life!

Hearing your speech reminded me of the life we, my local church family, celebrated earlier that Sunday. We both had tears in our eyes on Sunday but for different reasons. Your tears came from celebrating yourself through your acting achievements. I get it.

Let me tell you where my tears came from. My church and I were celebrating the baptism of a particular 5-year-old boy. This special child came through the state foster care system. One of our church families cared for him while his mother straightened her life out. His mother was standing there while he was being baptized. They went home together that day because for over a year our church family loved this child and his mother. While we were about to celebrate his baptism, the congregation was told how she has her life back together

While we were about to celebrate his baptism, the congregation was told how his mother got her life – the family – back together. We gave her a standing ovation in Jesus’ name. She cried tears of joy as people came and hugged her for support. It was amazing.

I cried.

I cried because I (with my church family) was celebrating what it means to live a life and to give a life. We were celebrating new life through Jesus Christ.

Ms. Davis, none of us – me, the child, his mother, my church – may ever know what it is like to shed tears over an Oscar on Sunday evening. But we will never forget what it was like to shed tears over a broken family made whole through self-sacrificing Jesus followers who will not get awards to put on their mantels. What a celebratin of what it means to live a life!

Thank you for the reminder.



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