And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up and said to him,
“Zacchaeus, hurry and come down, for I must stay at your house today.

(Luke 19:5 ESV)

I was at a men’s Bible study recently where the question was brought about whether or not God would be comfortable visiting our homes. Our homes may be clean and tidy on the outside, but would God be comfortable knowing the true sinfulness going on inside of us all? I thought about this as a couple different men agreed with this perspective acknowledging God would not be comfortable.

I shared a different perspective with my group.

Thinking of Zacchaeus, I mentioned that Jesus went to the home of, not only sinners, but unbelievers. Seems Jesus was comfortable (though Scripture does not tell of any aspect of Jesus’ comfort or discomfort). Jesus, being God, had nothing to fear spiritually by entering the home of sinners. In Zacchaeus’ case, Jesus wanted to go to his home.

My guess is any discomfort was with Zacchaeus not Jesus. The discomfort for Zacchaeus over his sin was so great while Jesus visited that he was transformed. He became a believer that day. His world was rocked so much that he gave away half of his possessions to the poor.

My answer? Yes, Jesus would be comfortable in my home. As for my sin, I would be the one uncomfortable if Jesus visited my home. I would be the one ashamed. I would be the one transformed by the presence of God the Son in my home.

I realize I will never be good enough or obedient enough to feel as though I have, in a sense, earned God’s comfort in my home. Instead, God brings me into his home through his Son. And the closer I grow to him the more I realize my need for him.

I believe a better question is: Would you be comfortable if Jesus visited your home? How would you feel if Jesus visited your home?

Grace and peace,


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