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Think and Grow Godly: Philippians 4:8-9 (2015)

I got the opportunity to preach the sermon below after meeting the pastor at my Pulpit Supply Preachers conference table the last weekend in January. The pastor called me several weeks later asking how the pulpit supply ministry worked. We chatted and he ended up asking if I would fill in for him. I was grateful for the opportunity.

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As a Christian minister, Mark’s vision is to equip and encourage others to live a more fully engaged life using biblical principles through writing, speaking, and teaching. He is the founder of Pulpit Supply Preachers ministry and available for pulpit supply himself. He lives in Metro-Atlanta with his wife, a daughter close-by, and a house full of rescued dogs. Read more...

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2 Replies

  1. Mark~What a great sermon! Very deep and sincere and my best suggestion would be to really relax and pause…as though you were speaking to your children..because, indeed, these parishoners are “children of God”….Really punch some of your words…and pause between your thoughts and ideas. When you talk about joy…just make it JOY! JOY! JOY! And punch it out. Almost as though it is a children’s sermon because IT IS! You have such a heart for teaching and very sincere..just have a little more fun. Did you ever listen to Peter Marshall’s sermons? Might be a thought. I love your delivery and I can just picture you SMILING…but let your SMILE come through each sentence! Hate the interruptions…just go with the “flow” and make light of it!! You are just super!! Always had been; always will be!! in Him, judi~

  2. Hello fellow Toastmaster. While this is not a Toastmaster speech, I appreciate your feedback though God can and did use this (for lack of a better term) unrehearsed sermon to convict people that morning. It is amazing what God can do with flawed people communicating his word. 🙂 I have no idea who Peter Marshall is.

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