Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.
(Romans 12:13 ESV)

One of the marks of a true Christian the Apostle Paul writes about in Romans 12 is that of showing hospitality. Showing hospitality was done by providing strangers with food and lodging. Unlike today, the early church in Paul’s time did not have an abundance of hotels. Even so, many traveling believers could not afford hotels so they relied on the hospitality of their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Today, the same type of hospitality is not nearly as in demand with the availability of hotels and automobiles that make traveling much more efficient. This is especially true in America. However, a friend of mine recently went on a mission trip to Africa for two weeks to construct a church building. He experienced hospitality like never before and it moved him greatly.

He shared his experience which I will share with you.

A lady who was part of the church they were building moved out of her home so my friend and guests could live there. She moved completely out for the whole two weeks. She completely trusted them with her house with no questioning, checking on them, etc.

What she did do for them was pretty incredible. While they were away she would come over and wash their clothes. Yep! They would come home to find their clothes clean and folded for them after working all day. Not only did she take care of their clothes, but she would make meals for them. The meals would be fully prepared and waiting on them covered on the kitchen table.

I wonder if such an amazing example of hospitality exists in America today.

Grace and peace,


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