hen the Bible speaks, Jesus speaks. In fact, depending on which translation you use, a Bible search for the phrase “Jesus said” turns up as many as 158 times. I do not know of any other places other than the Bible where Jesus’ words and teachings were recorded, especially, by those who were his close followers. When the Bible speaks, Jesus speaks.

Of course, Jesus also left us with his teaching that the “Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms” wrote of him (Lk 24:44). More importantly, Jesus’ speaking about his own death and resurrection is recorded several times in Scripture (Matt 16:21; 17:22-23). Later, the Apostle Paul writes of the foundational importance of Jesus’ resurrection even noting there were 500 witnesses (1 Cor 15).

Finally, we can say when the Bible speaks of the resurrection, Jesus speaks. There is no reason to set the Bible against Jesus’ or his resurrection in any form or fashion. We cannot really get a full picture of Jesus without going to the Bible which, in turn, points back to Jesus. Therefore, we can have confidence in the Bible in both the Old Testament as Jesus did, and the New Testament which records Jesus’ life and teachings.

Grace and peace,


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