Mark Lamprecht

Because following Jesus is awesome.


Mark Lamprecht is a Christian, a minister, a writer, a preacher, and a Toastmaster. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Georgia Southern University and a Master of Divinity with Specialization in Christian Apologetics from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Mark is the founder and creator of Pulpit Supply Preachers, a ministry designed to connect supply preachers with churches and ministries. A long-time Christian blogger, he was ranked #50 in Newsmax’s Top 75 Religion Bloggers.

Mark was raised under the teachings of Joseph Smith in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS), today known as the Community of Christ. His martial arts background moved him to study various forms of Eastern religion and meditation including Buddhism. He was also a Freemason for where he was raised in Solomon’s No. 1 Lodge in Savannah, GA. Eventually, he became a born-again Christian leaving the above associations as incompatible with true Christianity. Mark was licensed to the gospel ministry in Feb. 2014 at First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA by Dr. Johnny Hunt (see below).

Mark writes from a Christian perspective to encourage other Christians. His insights range from theology to politics to culture to whatever he finds encouraging. He lives in Metro-Atlanta, GA with his wife, Dawn, and a house full of dogs with a daughter close by who is finishing college.