Mark Lamprecht

A simple Christian writing and speaking to encourage Christlikeness.

An Awesome Weekend

It was a normal Monday. A co-worker asked about my weekend (though it could have been a friendly acquaintance, office neighbor, etc.). Before I could get a word out my co-worker unloaded on me about the “best movie of year” – Star Trek Into Darkness. There is never a shortage of new movies and Star Trek would have been […]

Bored at Church

Church can be boring, right? No matter which local church we attend, the same basic activities are done each Sunday. We sing, pray, read Scripture, have announcements, listen to preaching, have fellowship, etc. However a worship service is structured, even with slight variations, it will to be similar week after week. Same ole, same ole. Whether it is […]

Is Your Personal Relationship with Jesus Really Personal?

The question of having a personal relationship with Jesus is common in conservative Evangelical circles. Many will ask evangelistically, “Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?” Others will proclaim, “You need to have a personal relationship with Jesus.” In this post, I want to further think about what it means to have a personal […]

Every Husband Should Write Their Wives This Letter!

My mentor had me do an interesting exercise. He had me write a one page letter to my wife. The goal was to express to my wife what it is to be a Christian husband. The letter was to be focused from my perspective. I was to write what it should look like for me, […]

Christian, Does Your Heart Break for the Lost?

I was sitting in class when my professor, who is also a pastor, shared a story about a homosexual couple walking hand-in-hand. He was with another pastor meeting people in the community in order to spread the gospel. My professor noticed the couple holding hands while walking down the street. He got angry. Just as he […]

Preaching Matthew 22:34-40 (2014)

The video below is me preaching Matthew 22:34-40 in Sunday School. The sermon and video were to complete an assignment for preaching class.

Teaching Psalm 118:24 (2014)

Below is  a short sermon I wrote in one night for preaching class. Then, I modified the sermon two days later for Sunday School lesson. So, instead of preaching, I am teaching Psalm 118:24.

Preaching Philippians 4 (2013)

A sermon on Philippians 4 preached June 30, 2013 during the evening service at New Salem Baptist Church in Hustonville, KY.

Preaching Philippians 3 (2013)

A sermon on Philippians 3 preached June 29, 2013 at New Salem Baptist Church in Hustonville, KY.

Preaching Philippians 2 (2013)

A sermon on Philippians 2 preached June 30, 2013 during the morning service at New Salem Baptist Church in Hustonville, KY.